At Argo we love showcasing emerging local artists.

We have a long history of supporting local artists in our community beyond the internal art displays, and we are always interested in participating with our locals on projects that may require our assistance. We love all representations of art in all its forms, however we can only accommodate certain hanging pieces due to nature and size of our stores. Our stores are located in Norwood and the CBD and you have the choice to exhibit in one or both of the stores. Each exhibit lasts for one month and we coordinate installation and removal in the first week of each month.

If you would like to exhibit with us, please fill and send back the ‘Argo Exhibition PDF’ below. We look forward to sharing your works with our community.


ps. If you have an idea or would like us to consider an alternative art display other than visual arts ie live art, we are keen to hear your ideas. Direct Message us on our Instagram @argoespresso


Thank you for wanting to share your art with us. For us to proceed to schedule a time to exhibit your work we require the following from you.

  1. Read all the information below to familiarise yourself with our process.
  2. Fill in the Art Exhibit Release form.
  3. Fill in the Art Display Details form.


Our hanging system is a rail with hanging hooks, fitted to hang multiple artworks and move them around easily.

Argo On The Parade (Norwood) can accommodate art with hooks or wire on the back of artworks to hang.

Argo On The Square (City), PLEASE screw in two hooks on top right and left corner of art! We get some wind in the store, and larger artworks will swing out on just one hook, or fall with wire. You can also choose to double up and have art facing out and inside the City store in windows if you have plenty of artworks. Please talk to Nicky about this.

It is important that your works are ‘hang ready’ on delivery day.


You have the option to sell your artwork through our stores. In order to facilitate this Argo retains 15% of the sale price. We have experienced in the past where customers like to pay and take art work with them on the day. In order to facilitate this, Argo processes payments via its POS terminals and we record what pieces are sold. At the end of the month the Artist ‘you’ invoice Argo for the cost of the piece minus the 15% commission.

We require all art pieces to be accommodated with

  1. Name Tags
  2. Price Tags (if applicable)
  3. Artist Information and Bio

We strongly recommend that you leave us some business cards to display on the counter. On the day of the delivery & hanging we will ask to shoot a short video of yourself for our socials. We find our community is always engaged and interested to know a little about the artist behind the work.


Argo on the Parade (Norwood Store)

In the Parade store there are multiple places you can hang art.

Northern 3 windows – 200cm Wide x 55cm High

Norther Wall Pendant Lights – 85cm Wide x 85cm High

Solo wall – 175cm Wide x 120cm High

Green wall – 150cm High x 440cm Wide

Argo on the Square (City Store)

In the city we have 6 windows and 3 panels.

4 windows are – 130cm Wide x 170cm High

2 windows are – 110cm Wide x 170cm High

3 Panels are – 65cm Wide x 140cm High

Submit Your Art Exhibition PDF​