Congratulations you are about to embark on the first steps to in joining the team at Argo. We are a family operated company which commenced in 2010 with our flagship store is Argo on the Parade. Argo on the Square & Wholefoods by Argo are two other locations based within 5km of our home base

This application applies to all our locations. There are plenty of opportunities to grow with us and sometimes we don't advertise externally for those roles, so if we see something we think will be a better fit for you, we will let you know. We would like to thank you for applying and we wish you all the best.

Our core values: Customers first - Above and beyond - Open and honest - Pride and integrity - Zero Waste

We are a fast, humble, accurate and precise establishment. We follow through with executing these qualities through greeting our guests, preparing our products, cleaning & preparing our stores for service & engaging within our team members.

Our core values are critical to the past, present and future success of Argo. Have a read below to find out more. Please comment on your thoughts, we would love to know how they resonate with you.

Focused, diligent, aware and present in each moment. Whichever area of our stores you work in, these attributes will contribute to your success. Our customers come first. The way we greet each individual to the way we pass on our products to the way we prepare our stores for service, to the way we sweep and mop our floors, to the way we respect our produce & products (food, drink, materials, chemicals...everything that has been purchased) all play an extremely vital role in maintaining high level of customer service. We place pride and integrity in all our actions and have a zero wastage policy to maintain respect for all people in the line of production and the land we live on. Realising that we are one but many and that to grow as an individual we must work openly, honestly & harmoniously with our environment and go above and beyond when duty calls.

Our aim is to have each guest feel they have entered a place where they are truly recognised as an individual. Receiving joy and excitement from the environment we provide to the produce they consume.